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 Most of us know her as the successful, yet dysfunctional, best friend of Issa Rae in HBO’s hit series Insecure. Yvonne Orji has become more than just an actress, her social media shows us moments of her fangirling over meeting some of her favorite celebrities, rocking out with some of her friends at star-studded events, and sharing inspirational moments that assure us that she is at peak #BlackGirlMagic right now. From her new podcast “Ball Girl Magic”, to her new reoccurring role on the CW‘s Jane The Virgin, homegirl is out here slaying on social media and IRL.

In an interview with Essence’s Podcast “Yes, Girl!”, Orji admitted that she posts her journey, whether good or bad, but also has posted her journey as an affirmation to her followers to let them know, “you got next.” 

She’s found a way to enter our hearts and become the best friend that most of us already have, and if you don’t you should, her recent rise to fame has us “rooting for you, we are all rooting for you.” If you aren’t a follower of Orji’s Instagram, here are a few of our favorite moments that we just can’t get enough of. 

Listen, sis is out here living HER BEST LIFE! Check the receipts below. 

That time she performed “Tyrone” at karaoke and Erykah Badu showed up. This is literally every Badu fanatic’s dream come true. 

That time she showed us that manifestation and speaking it into existence is real af. 

#WontHeDoItWednesday Because Jesus keeps receipts and my momma ships everything. In 2007, a year after I started comedy, I put my face on the cover of the March Hollywood issue of @Essence (sorry #JenniferHudson). I wasn't anywhere close to being on anyone's TV, but it was the Hollywood issue, and it said it was "my time to shine," soooo that was that. I completely forgot I had done this until I went to Nigeria last December and my mom handed me the magazine with my face on it. Cut to: today I opened my mailbox to the 2017 March Hollywood issue of essence…and I'm IN IT as one of the "Leaders of the New School!" Thank you @corimurray & @missjulee for making this happen. Truly honored to be featured. #DecadeInTheMaking #FeatureTodayCoverOneDay #iJustGotHereButIbeenHereBefore #OnTheSeatOfMyImagination #WriteTheVisionMakeItPlain

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That time she celebrated the premier of her podcast with her cohost and Gabrielle Freaking Union at All Star Weekend. 


That time THE PRESIDENT, Barack Obama, recognized her and Issa and they collectivley lost their shit, as we all would. 


…And when she posted their aftershock, because BARACK Freakin OBAMA! 


That time she danced barefoot in the White House, because YOLO! 


That time she got the LEGEND Debbie Allen to quote her famous line from her role as Dr. Langhorne on A Different World. 


That time when gave us peak Black Girl Magic and introduced Molly Carter to Toni Childs. 


…And then turned into a Instagram series that we absolutely need, #WhenMollyMeetsToni (Please search the hashtag for more episodes) 


When she teamed up our other TV Favs, Naturi Naughton aka Tasha St. Patrick from Power, and Serayah aka Teyana from Empire, to do the full choreography of Destiny Child’s “Say My Name”.



That time when she woke Issa Rae up with a Facetime call to be the supportive AF over her Golden Globe nomination. 




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