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#DRINKTOTHAT: Meet Bry Jones Of Riot Jones Management


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I’m originally from the Midwest but Dallas has definitely become my 2nd home over time. Outside of working the Corporate America struggle; I’ve recently launched Riot Jones – a consultancy where I offer project management and creative direction services to assist in connecting the dots with creative campaigns or events. I came up with Riot because simply put, I want to help. Whether you’re a local music artist who needs help with putting together his next local show, or a model who needs help putting together her next photo shoot or a designer in need of a flyer for their next pop-up shop; I can coordinate it. I’ve been able to come in contact with some pretty dope people and brands to work with so far and I’m soaking up everything that I learn like a sponge. You can check out some prior projects on Instagram at @riotjonesmgmt


5 Random Questions For Bry

1 – What’s your signature drink ?

Anything with Henny.

2 – What is a deal breaker for you when doing business?

Lack of communication or procrastination.

3 – What is one thing you’ve learned in your adult life that you apply daily?

Stop and listen to yourself above the noise and trust your intuition above the crowd’s.

4 – Does is ever go down in your DM?
Unfortunately, no. I’m an introvert sprinkled with a bit of a*shole, so I come off as extra dry via text and DM lol.
5 – If you had a mixtape, what would you name it ?
Lil Bry Jay: The Real Slim Thug


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