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Welcome To ItMustBeJam.com


Welcome To ItMustBeJam.com! Libation. Conversation. Celebration

ItMustBeJam.com is the go-to place to be when your daily routine gets too stressful. If you ever find yourself waiting ever so patiently for 5 o’clock to hit up a happy hour for whatever reason, this is the place or you.  It was designed with the hardworking individual in mind, for those of us who are building our own future, innovators, creatives and just down right ready to party.

Our tagline is:

Libation. Conversation. Celebration 

We chose this because it is our duty to provide the hottest spots and happy hours in a city near you to hit up. The conversations we have here will be like no other, whether it’s trending topics, relationships, quick tips on maintaining your lifestyle,  or a refreshing cocktail recipe for a party, we’ve got you covered.

Meet The Creator: Jamisha Daniels

Jamisha Daniels is a resident of Dallas,TX and the creator of ItMustBeJam.com. She is a entertainment journalist and social media specialist who decided to launch a site reflective of her current status of balancing corporate America, journalism, plenty of side hustles, and her love for alcoholic relaxation. For more information about Jamisha or the site contact her at jamisha@itmustbejam.com.

Jamisha Daniels

Jamisha Daniels is the Founding Editor of ItMustBeJam.com. If you like what you're reading, feel free to follow her on all the socials for more info! ItMustBeJam isn't the only place to find Jamisha's writing, she's an entertainment journalist, so you may see her lurking these cyber streets pushing these literary lines on some of your favorite entertainment sites.

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