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Always Inspired: 7 Creative Millennials Share How They Find Inspiration When They Are Uninspired

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Olivia Jade

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Olivia Jade

“what do i do when i feel uninspired?

i disconnect.

i detach.

i drop it like it’s hot.

(drop the extras, that is.)

when i become suffocated with moments of uninspiration it’s because i’ve allowed myself to get distracted by external factors. these external factors can include negativity, time being spent on bullshit, etc. etc. when i begin to get out of the flow, fall out of the groove, and begin to focus on shit that doesn’t matter (non-mf’n factors), it know it’s time to disconnect from things- whether it’s for 5 minutes, for an hour, or a full day. 

we millennials get caught up in the noise of reality so easily. we have countless social media networks where people harbor images of themselves being perfect. we’ve erased and normalized the idea that imperfection is not an option. all we see online is people posting their fresh weave, their new car, their new manicure, their new this, their new that. it’s a watering hole for comparisons; however, comparing yourself to others can just leave you feeling uninspired and breed self-defeating thoughts. you know how many times i wanted to give up because i felt i was not making enough moves? ALL because it was after i spent hours scrolling on instagram? girl. 

so, my remedy: disconnect to reconnect. i turn the phone off, the computer off, the tv off. everything. i take some time away and center myself. to obtain a clear mind, i go for a walk, hop in the sauna, go for a run, a drive, i get some ice cream. solitude is my best friend during times like this. i take the time away from everything to literally talk to myself and remind myself of the why. “why the fuck am i doing this?” oh, because i have these dreams that i want to materialize into a reality. remember?

there should be no shame in taking time to yourself to remember the gold inside you the promises you made yourself. dip back into that honey jar and taste life like it’s sweet again. follow the footsteps back to what led you to this moment. remember your purpose. remember the why. disconnect to reconnect. “

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