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Always Inspired: 7 Creative Millennials Share How They Find Inspiration When They Are Uninspired

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KC Orcutt

Title: Staff Writer – BET, The Source Magazine

Website: http://kcorcutt.com

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kc orcutt

“Sometimes being a writer feels like having homework every day for the rest of your entire life. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired or overwhelmed, I try to remember to celebrate little victories and think about how far I’ve come, not how far I’ve yet to go. I get to put words together for a living! How amazing is that. I think about how lucky I am to have discovered my passion early on in life, and I think back to how good it feels to be able to cross something off of my to-do list. My advice to people feeling uninspired is simple. Go on a walk. Take some time to separate yourself from whatever is daunting you or weighing you down. Put your phone on airplane mode. Do one thing each day entirely for yourself. Whether it’s getting your favorite sandwich for lunch or binge-watching a series on Netflix, do something for yourself, as chosen by you. When you take the time to do something small for yourself, you are better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you next, because you’ll be feeling good and ready to go. After I take some time to myself and shut the world out for a minute, the words usually will find their way to me and I’m grateful for that. Sometimes you have to make room for new opportunities before they will show themselves. Life works in mysterious ways, and whenever you’re feeling uninspired, if you trust that it’s just a temporary feeling, it will be.”


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