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Always Inspired: 7 Creative Millennials Share How They Find Inspiration When They Are Uninspired

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Jonathan Jones

Title: Best-selling author, Speaker and Coach  

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“What happens when I feel unmotivated? In all honesty, when I tend to think of the assignments and daily task(s) that I need to get done , it can be overwhelming at times . Really looking at my situation, it typically happens due to me being exhausted or me allowing myself to be overwhelmed (lol) . This is that moment I have to go and find my place of nostalgia.  I kick off my shoes and dive into my bed for a brief nap; almost as if I wanted to be back in kindergarten with no deadlines, no worries, and no stress (lol). No responsibilities!  What a life!


Following this nap is right when the magic happens. I bounce back up refreshed as I began to list out all the following items that I need to get done by inputting them on my iPad mini reminders app. Listing the most urgent at the top, and then the list would go down with the task of the least important, or those with the furthest deadline at the bottom. This has helped me organize my crazy mind, and as I complete each item I can check that off my list. As each item disappears, I feel accomplished, and even more so motivated .


I encourage you to do the following with your list.

1) Be realistic with the amount of items you put on your list for the day

2) What you don’t complete today roll it over to tomorrow

3) I typically pair my daily tasks with a wall calendar so I can see what’s in line for the bigger picture (weeks,months, the year ahead) “

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