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Here’s 6 Millennial Actors We Think Could Pull Off The “Living Single” Reboot

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Queen Latifah made a guest appearance on Bravo TV’s show Watch What Happens Live! and revealed that a reboot of Living Single is on the way! A viewer phoned in to ask if there was any hope that the show could grace our screens again to which Queen responded , “we’re actually working on it.” She revealed that that it’s still in the beginning phases and hopefully the reboot can move passed the negotiation phases , “It’s not there yet but hopefully we can get it happening.”  



Since the reboot is still cooking, we aren’t sure if the original gang will come back or if it would focus on new set of friends that are chasing their dreams in the Big Apple. If the show came back with a all new cast that will have the same chemistry and comedic timing as the originals, we have a idea of who would fit the mold of each character pretty well. 

 Here’s 6 Millennial Actors We Think Could Pull Off The “Living Single” Reboot

1: Kyle Barker-  Kofi Siriboe | We know Kyle was a stockbroker and ladies man who always made sure everyone knew how cultured he was, until it was time to rag on Maxine. Kofi plays Ralph Angel in OWN’s Queen Sugar, we haven’t had a chance to see his chops when it comes to comedy, but he damn sure has the look. 

2: Maxine Shaw – Keke Palmer | We honestly can’t think of  anyone as perfect as Keke to play “The Maverick”. She’s been acting since she was a kid and bodies every character she plays, not to mention she’s pretty damn funny.  We’re 100% sure she can match Max’s quick wit and ability to spend all day in court winning cases, but still manage to hit her girl’s house and eat all their food and throw shade at Kyle. 

3: Regine Hunter – Kyla Pratt | We haven’t heard from Kyla in a while, but we are sure she could BODY Regine’s character. Regine was bougie, addicted to great wigs, shopping, and fine men. She was basically Breanna from One on One if she was a 20-something. 


4: Sinclair James – Andrea Lewis | If you don’t know who this actress is then it’s time to use your googles.  Andrea is Canadian and played the part of  Hazel in the cast of Degrassi in the ’00s, Carla Hall is Disney’s Cadet Kelly, and she most recently had a web series titled “Black Actress” which was co-produced by Tatyanna Ali and Issa Rae. Andrea would fit Sinclair’s personality perfectly. 

5: Overton Jones – Tyler James Williams | Overton Jones was a simple man, and all he really cared about was his tools and his Sinclair. Tyler James Williams is most known for his leading roll in Everybody Hate Chris, Tyler could give Overton some dimension and maybe add a little bit of the trouble that Chris would get into to the character. 

6: Khadijah James – Danielle Brooks | We’ve all seen Danielle as Taystee on Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black and she never disappoints. We’ve seen Taystee become head honcho over the “black girls” at Litchfield Penitentiary, so there’s no question that she can handle a character that is a total boss.  We can totally see Danielle as the Founder of  a new poppin’ digital magazine entitled Flava, of course. 

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