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Watch: Letoya Luckett Returns To Music And Drops Video For Her New Single “Back 2 Life”

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LeToya Luckett has been off the music scene for SEVEN YEARS!  Last month the singer/actress released the first single Back 2 Life off her forthcoming album, Until Then. Luckett has been taking her career as an actress seriously for the past few years, and the video showcases her talents in both acting and singing. She had a interview with People and discussed her upcoming album:

“It’s like therapy for me, going in there and writing records and pouring my heart out,” she says. “It’s something I had to learn how to do. Sometimes, it was a little too close to home, but then I was like, ‘Nah, there are real people going through that and they can relate.’”

“I hope people can listen to the album and hear my heart,” she says. “For me, I get healing from music. I want people to experience that. It’s not about being liked, not about the approval. It’s about the experience and pouring my heart. I just want people to hear my heart and that’s it.”

Her leading man in the eight minute video is Thomas Q. Jones, who most of you may remember from his role as “Cutty Buddy” on BET’s Being Mary Jane. This video gives a in-depth look into a relationship that goes from two people who are deeply infatuated with each other, until the man decides to introduce LeToya to his platonic friend Cynthia which he describes as a “sister”. The dinner meeting between the three turns from a lunch with friends to a awkward encounter between Cynthia and LeToya, which drives a wedge between Luckett and her boyfriend. Take a look as the story unfolds below: 

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