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Could Supreme x Louis Vuitton Launch A Collaboration For The Books And Form A Marriage For Luxury And Streetwear Fashionistas Everywhere?

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From the internet to the alley ways they scream for Supreme. Photographs of what was once only believed to be a unicorn collaboration, residing in only a wishful fashionista’s dreams, have flooded the internet recently taking almost everyone by surprise. High fashion and street wear have been doing more than just flirting with each other for the past few years, and when you throw a high caliber celebrity like Travis Scott as the face of the collaboration, chances are you’ll have everyone who is anyone paying close attention.

Supreme at its roots falls into the category of skate brand, but since the year 1994 when Supreme opened its doors on Lafayette in New York City, it has evolved into so much more. The brand has numerous successful collaborations under their belt with the likes of established household name brands like Vans, Nike, and The North Face to more high end designer brands like Stone Island, Undercover, and Commes Des Garcons. Every Supreme collaboration not only calls attention to how a garment can be expressed and articulated as wearable art by the person possessing the piece, but uncovers and explores the other collaborating brand for common street wear fan of Supreme. So the question now is, is there anything special to be found in what is almost being considered a publicity stunt for the brand?

Who’s the “poser”?

High fashion and street wear are more alike than they would both like to admit. One of the first street wear brands, Stussy, got its infamous “double S” logo from inspiration drawn straight from the high fashion house of Chanel. The overall reception has been bittersweet. Since the first leak of the pictures becoming public many “Supreme-heads” went berserk over the luxury brand recognition, while avid Louis Vuitton patrons have taken a different tone on many fashion blogs and Instagram to visually voice their distaste for the collaboration. Is this setting a new precedent for the street wear/high fashion fling?

Luxury clothing is typically seen as selling out to the majority of street wear wearers, but exclusivity sells and it’s a solid proven formula as old as time. So who’s outshining who when you have two top-tier clothing brands that appeal to virtually polar opposite target audience markets? Did supreme get “lost in the sauce” with this collab? When standing next to each other, is LV comparable to the wealthy kid that yearns for street credibility, while Supreme has hopes to propel its branding into the stratosphere along side the upper echelon of the fashion elite? Supreme has been no stranger to fashion week, spotted in at least one, if not more, photo slide show recaps of any given fashion week’s most unique outfits. Never has Supreme’s slogan rang louder “we do what the f*ck we want,” the attitude being inherently New York bravado to a T. It’s either accept what’s given or move around, no standing around posing.

Is this collaboration growth for both parties or a sellout? The unique Supreme 5-panel camp cap days that stood out in a sea of snapbacks at that crazy house party you went to way back are long gone. Supreme as a brand is evolving, with or without you on board. Everyone of these pieces and prices from the collection were made for you to awe and gawk at, or at the very least, have a conversation  about.


Circa 17 Fall/Winter seasons ago in the year 2000 Supreme had actually released a collection inspired by the infamous monogrammed logo Louis Vuitton is known for, which were shortly recalled later under threat of lawsuit by the fashion house. Fast forward to 2017, and the irony is clearly apparent when the same fashion house ordering the cease and desist letter would call for a collaboration. Who said you can’t fake it until you make it?


Pricing and availability will undoubtedly be an issue when it comes to attaining items from the collection. Items are reported to be Louis Vuitton prices with the addition of Supreme only driving the price higher. Email Sign up is available at Louis Vuitton’s online site for more information of where and when to purchase, as well as Supreme’s own email newsletter keeping you informed about the specifics of the collection.


With an authentic Supreme/Louis Vuitton collaboration finally happening, a Pandora of possibilities has been opened. Let us know below if you’re picking up any items from the collab, or you’re sleeping on the entire drop.

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