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The return of the reboot has become ever so popular for the hits shows of the 90’s and early 2000’s. With shows like Full House, The X-Files, Gilmore Girls and more recently, Will and Grace all getting the reboot treatment, it seems that the old shows of yesteryear are being brought back for a whole new audience. With all these shows getting the reboot treatment, it leaves one to question where are the reboots of all the black sitcoms that were so popular and present during the 90’s and 2000’s. With this in mind, I have come up with a list of 6 shows that could easily be rebooted for today’s audience!

Living Single

Living Single Cast (Courtesy of TWC Central)


This sitcom focusing on the life of six young black individuals trying to make it in the big apple is a personal favorite of mine. Running from 1993-1998, Living Single showed what it meant to be black, young and hungry for success in a time where those three things did not often go together and definitely were not shown heavily in the media. Now almost twenty years since ending its run, this would be a great place to pick back up. Did Khadija ever build Flavor into the media empire she had been dreaming of? Did Synclaire and Overton last forever? Did Kyle and Max find their way back to each other? Was Regine’s fantasy of marrying rich everything she hoped it would be? Queen Latifah recently said in an interview on Watch What Happens Live that she is currently in the process of trying to bring Living Single back to the air, so let’s all cross our fingers that she can make it happen!

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The Jamie Foxx Show

The Jamie Foxx Show Cast (Courtesy Of Vibe Magazine)

This self-titled show followed Jamie Foxx as Jamie King, aspiring musician and nephew to Los Angeles hotel owners Helen and Junior King. This show followed the trials and tribulations of King as he tried to navigate his way to stardom. Running from 1996 – 2001, this show gave us a look at what young black love could be, how owning your own business could not only benefit you but the people you love, what it is like to be a BLACK business owner and so much more. Is the King Tower still in business? Did Jamie and Fancy make their marriage work? Did Braxton ever stop being corny as hell? All these questions and more are waiting to be unlocked in this reboot.

The Proud Family

(Courtesy of MovieWeb)

I know what you are thinking. “That was a cartoon when we were kids, how is that going to get a reboot?” Well, think about this, what if Penny, LaCienega, Dijonay, Zoey and Sticky all went to the same college together? Penny still lives at home, so we get to see Oscar, Trudy, Bebe & Cece and most importantly, Suga Momma. Think about a remix theme song but still with Solange and Destiny’s Child. Think about Proud Family dealing with the issues we face today as young millennials. The Proud Family served its purpose by showing us how to deal with differences in our communities and our own households, how to handle growing pains, bullying and so much more. A reboot with a focus on what is going on now, would not only make The Proud Family the first cartoon to get a reboot but it would also be a nice dose of homage to all the 90’s babies out there!


Sister Sister

(Courtesy of StarWipe)

Notably one of the most famous pairs of twins ever, Sister, Sister followed the lives of twins separated at birth but reconnected in their teenage years. Tia and Tamera and their parents Ray and Lisa, respectively, learned how to trust and love one another all while trying to adjust to this life-changing situation all under one roof. This show really showcased how to love your family members, however different each one is from one another and to always be there for the family. Of course, they went through their regular growing pains, so it would be interesting to see a reboot with Tia and Tamera in the parent seat and having to deal with some of the things they put Ray and Lisa through. In a recent segment on Tamera’s talk show The Real, the twin sisters revealed they are trying to get a reboot to happen but need the help of the fans to really get it off the ground, so the ball is in our court!


Smart Guy

Smart Guy Cast (Courtesy of IMDb)

This young and smart comedy followed the story of T.J Henderson, a 10 year old super genius as he skipped some grades and joined his older sister, Yvette, and his older brother, Marcus, in their local high school. Not only did this show put a spotlight on education but it also put a spotlight on not being ashamed of wanting to learn. Smart Guy also put a spotlight on a single-father household, something that is not looked at as the norm in the black community or any community for that matter. It would be nice to see where the Henderson’s would be today and what T.J. did with his education that he fought so hard for.



(Courtesy of Pinterest)

As the black Sex and The City, viewers tuned in each week to see what new crazy tactic Joan Clayton used to scare away a man, what tactic Toni Childs used to get a new one, what crazy tactic Mya used to solve her problems and what crazy tactic Lynn used to create problems. All of the craziness aside, Girlfriends showed the world that women can do the one thing a lot of people think they can’t do, get along. The bond and sisterhood between these four ladies showed how to deal with all the ups and downs life and friendship can throw your way and how to handle it with not only grace but also handle it with love. In a world full of reality television and women fighting each other over everything from a man to hair, a reboot of Girlfriends is the exact dose of medicine we need to cure our reality television hangover!


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