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If you haven’t heard, AfroLandTV is an online streaming TV channel that shows African Diaspora films, shows, and documentaries. The content on the platform is excellent, the films are very high quality and the stories are nothing but incredible. There’s finally a platform that tells amazing African stories you won’t find anywhere else! This month they added 4 new original African titles you should definitely watch.


You’ll enjoy these masterpiece films you’ll never see on mainstream television. You can watch Bariga Sugar, Consigned to Oblivion for free. Coming Home and The Flowers Chant will cost you literally $.99 cents for 2 days, that’s it. If you’re not already a subscriber to AfroLandTV, sign up is free below and start watching all these titles.

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Bariga Sugar (Nigeria)

A wonderfully made film that comes to you from Nigeria. It stars a phenomenal young actress with a bright future! Bariga Sugar is about Ese, a reclusive 8-year-old girl living in Bariga Sugar – a ghetto brothel in Lagos, Nigeria with her working prostituting mother. When a 10-year-old boy moves into the brothel, Ese and this young lad form an unlikely relationship.

Duration – 21 minutes (Watch free)


Consigned to Oblivion (Kenya)


A thriller shot in Kenya, Consigned to Oblivion is a neo-noir mystery-psychological thriller which follows a young woman suffering from anteretrograde amnesia, who wakes up in an unknown hotel room with a dead body in the bathroom. She only two hours to figure out the mystery. Duration – 40 minutes (Watch Free)



Coming Home (Nambia)


A film set in Namibia, Coming Home is a compelling story about the journey of a young woman who is haunted by her past until she faces it. Burdened by vague but unsettling childhood memories, Nia returns to her desolate hometown years later to face her stepfather. Coming Home is a young woman’s emotional journey of redemption. Duration – 20 minutes (2-day Rental $.99)



The Flowers Chant (France)

A film that hails from France. Aimé, a young man with African origins, works at a seaport. He is secretly attracted to one of his colleagues but finds out that the young lady, Appolline, has got a love affair with a white man. His demons strike back at him. This man, Van, is his father. Prisoner of an alienating story, Aimé will try to fight for his independence.

Duration – 21 minutes (2-day Rental $.99)






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