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Life often imitates the art that it inspires, so it’s no surprise that when a media personality’s claim to fame is interviewing “street” orientated artists, sooner or later “street” affiliated issues will find their way back into your life. Podcaster, unofficial talent scout (aware of the artist Desiigner before the Panda single pandemonium), and media personality Daryl Campbell, better known as Taxstone, has recently found himself being sucked into connection with the Troy Ave club shootout that was caught on video in May of 2016.

Mayhem erupted on May 25th as T.I. was readying to take stage at Irving Plaza in Manhattan. What was supposed to simply be a T.I. concert in N.Y.C. turned violet as fellow rapper Troy Ave. was captured on video tape firing off rounds backstage in a shootout, leaving Troy Ave’s own bodyguard, Ronald McFatter, dead, and three others injured.

The initial reaction to the shooting from fans of the “Powder” ad-libed Troy Ave rapper was that of befuddlement and dismay due to news outlets painting the rapper as a cold-blooded flagrant murderer and assassin.

Tax Season is Taxstone’s podcast where many of his interviews have gone viral, and even if you aren’t familiar with his name, chances are you’ve come across one of his interviews. His two most recent viral interviews include interviewing Beanie Sigel after being sucker punched by a Meek Mill DreamChaser affiliate onstage, and kicking Slaughter House Jersey City, New Jersey rapper Joe Budden off mid-podcast.

Monday January 16th 2017, Taxstone was arrested on being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was wanted for questioning due to his presence at the venue that day in May when everything went down. It is alleged that DNA evidence shows a positive match linking Taxstone’s DNA on a handgun recovered from the crime scene.With this arrest comes irony, Taxstone himself has become the viral person of interest who typically he would be interviewing. It’s possible that investigation may draw a connection between the current pending charges today and the incident in May, or this all may be a misunderstanding.

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