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Birthday Cake & Tacos is a Second Annual fiesta hosted by Mickey of 7L’s Presents. BCxT was originated in Houston, TX July 17th. 2016 as a way to celebrate the founder’s birthday which is July 15th! Typically she would harass her friends to come to Houston to celebrate her birthday, but this year BCxT is packing up and hitting 45N to Dallas then up 35 to Oklahoma City. More cities? Maybe. Will there be birthday cake? Yes. And heck yea.. we have tacos! 

Birthday Cake &Tacos 

a bizarre combo created to give 

YOU the BEST of both worlds

OKC – July 22nd 10-2am 

OP Lounge

3024 NW 23rd Street OKC, OK 73121

DALLAS – July 23 3-8pm 

Mac’s Southside

1701 S Lamar St

Dallas, TX  75215

United States






RSVP : birthdaycakeandtacos.eventbrite.com 



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