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Dallas has become a hot spot for millennials to move and flourish in their careers and social life. There’s most definitely potential to make plenty of schmoney and live comfortably, even if you’re not big on the 9-5 scene and looking to take the self-employment route or start a small business, the Triple D is accommodating to those aspirations as well. But what about the social scene? Where do you start when you’re looking to start fresh or have been in the city for a while and you’re looking to connect with new faces? 

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Whether you’re looking to connect with some people, want to stay abreast on all the culture news, network, or wanting to link up with new friends over cocktails and food, it’s all here.

Check out  Instagram pages every black millennial in Dallas should be following. 


Netwerk And Chill 

You can find anything from day parties, to Think Tank meet-ups, and even networking events on this page. Every post gives you thorough details about who will be there, what to wear, and how much it will be to attend. 

Black Girls Social 

The bio reads, “reminding black women to stay social and connected in Dallas and Atlanta. #stayconnected”. This page is ran by @iamtorilee, and she do a amazing job at keeping women all over the US connected through networking and  collaboration. The page also has a GroupMe where women connect over news, career advice, and share tips for everyday living daily. 

40 Magazine 

This page is a must for recent grad and young professionals when trying to navigate through your professional life, in fact that’s exactly what the bio reads. 

“Build Your Dream Career For recent grads & young professionals. Covering your 40 hours a week & more.”



The City Influencer 

This page allows you to take a look at Dallas through the lens of influencers who are making a impact in the city. 


The Culture Supplier 

The Culture Supplier is dedicated to cultivating and informing the masses, whether it’s pop culture, tech news, or new music, they’ve got you covered. 


Cosign Mag

Cosign Magazine is a quarterly print and lifestyle magazine that specializes in making sure you know how important the “cosign” can be. You can find some of the hottest music, artists, and creatives in the city being featured on their page. 


Black Brunch Brigade 

What is better than black people brunchin’? This is a great page for people looking to eat great food and connect with new faces, the pages highlights dope brunch spots in the city along with a quick write-up from people who have tried the spots. You can submit your photos, or you can join the GroupMe and become a part of the gang and brunch together. 


 Good Culture DFW 

Good Culture is…. a vibe. That’s the best way to explain it. They have a podcast, events, and brunches! Their bio reads: 

“Curators of GOOD experiences, Creators of GOOD times, Enjoyers of GOOD vibes.”

 Be Great Magazine

Be Great Magazine features and highlights all the movers and shaker millennials in the D-FW. 


Baddie Brunch 

The Baddie Brunch series is the more than just about the food, it’s about empowerment and collaborating. Take a peak at their bio: 

“Where we celebrate & collaborate, slay & socialize! Black Millennial women building one another, one brunch at a time.”

HOUSTON IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Sunday, March 26 from 1:00pm -4:00pm Oh yea, Issa Theme! Black Girl Magic-themed Baddie Brunch means you MUST wear all things Sequins. Sparkle. & Shine! ———————————- No, we won't be pulling Baddies out of a hat! But we do have an all-inclusive brunch+mimosas, DJ x photos by @blackspadezmedia, dope speaker, and some creative giveaways! ———————————- Beautiful lifestyle blogger, Courtney Brand, of The B Werd is dishing on how to #SecureTheBrand: The importance of Balance, Brand, and Baddies! @greeneyesgoldsoul ———————————- Dope Houston artist, Kim of Art by Kimmiski will be raffling off a custom Black Girl Magic piece! @kimmiskiart ———————————- Head over to BaddieBrunch.com for more info & to purchase your tickets! #IssaBrunch #IssaBaddie #Baddie #BaddieBrunch #BaddieBrunchHouston

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It Must Be Jam 

ItMustBeJam.com is…well it’s us! We are the online happy hour, which means we want to be the place you come when you’re looking for the hot spots and hot topics. We are designed for the millennials in a 9-5 but have the entrepreneurial mindset. Feel free to submit your music, art, articles, and events our way! 



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