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Bass heavy music blares from inside a confined shop selling authentic Thai style ice cream, the scene looks something similar to a concert as the crowd is serenaded by rapper Kodak Black’s latest single. Pan just a little farther and you’re met with more juxtaposition as the establishment close to the ice cream shop has patrons pouring out from a venue playing local up-and-coming artist covering renditions of classic rock hits, in addition to their own hopeful homegrown hits that may one day make it on the airwaves.

Travel deeper and you’re met with the irony of seeing a slew of the latest aesthetic offerings from Korean streetwear brand Anti-Social Social Club during Deep Ellum’s nightlife social scene that looks everything but out of place.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Deep Ellum is where the “cool kids” play after dark. Deep Ellum embodies youthfulness wrapped in a package of glowing lights that shines bright against the night sky. In this section of Dallas, there’s lots of life clamoring with creativity at every corner, something akin to a haven for innovation, experimentation, and stories to tell your friends long after you’ve left.

Dallas is a city that prides themselves on being nowhere near a port and still making their mark on the country. Deep Ellum has become a small slice of everything that the city about, “feet first” forward thinking, hitting the ground running and never slowing down for distractions. This neighborhood has an identity of its own, where every city tends to have their subsections imitate New York City neighborhoods, but it goes its own way and doesn’t look back.


Serious brews and serious food


The high caliber of food and beverage businesses located in the area is astounding. The overall experience is only complimented by lots of live music that can be found outdoors in alleys or bars on any given night. Serious Pizza has become a late night staple on the primary strip, because of its massive slices of pizza that only become more enticing after a successful night of pub crawling.


Deep Ellum Brewery houses not only great locally brewed beer, but a guaranteed good time with friends. The establishment offers an on location patio with musical performances for you to enjoy. Hungry after downing your craft beer? The brewery offers a Rolling Stoned burger that, as the name suggests, comes with a most unorthodox combination. Macaroni and cheese with mashed potatoes served on a burger sounds like something slapped together without the trouble of foraging through your fridge high at 2am.



The Deep Ellum area is a great place to visit in Dallas if you’re looking for fun, adventure, and a great time. Don’t hesitate to explore and really let loose after a week of working so hard with friendly locals in a great environment.

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