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Neveen Dominic Cosmetics is a black-owned cosmetics company that was founded by Neveen Dominic after she was struggling with finding foundations that matched her skin tone. Because of her struggles, the South Sudan native decided to cater to women of color and build a high-end product designed with them in mind. “I basically started this due to all the struggles that I faced as a dark-skinned woman. I have experienced a significant amount of bullying with the skin issue that I didn’t even realize was an issue. I’m originally from South Sudan,” said Dominic when speaking on why she launched her brand. Her products range in everything from makeup, fragrances, and skin care. April of this year Dominic launched her JUBA collection which features new shades and colors catering to a wide variety of skin tones. Read below as Neveen talks why she launched her brand how she plans on pleasing her clients. 

On how she wants her brand to influence the youth: 

“So with these makeup products I want to teach these young women how to love themselves, how to appreciate their skin, how to bring the best out of their skin. The natural glow that they have, how to work with the bone structure in terms of comfort or in highlighting and how to do it, not to excessively use color and techniques that will flatter their image rather than make them look like someone else. So I want them to just take the time to look at their face and see themselves. Some people look at themselves and they don’t really see themselves. I want them to appreciate all the good things about themselves and to see how can I make the things I really like about myself to shine through more.”


How Neveen Dominic Cosmetics caters to their clients: 

“I like to be a client-focused company and I’m all about relationships with my clients. That way the people who choose my products feel connected to me. I want them to feel what I can about them. I care about what they have to say and their input. So this is our company, not my company, this our company. I listen to my client’s feedback because this feedback will provide improvements for everyone else. I am constantly going to keep on improving and getting better and better in everything that I’m doing and following the newest trends, going to different classes, working with different chemists, shopping and offering my clients testing of my products.”

The Neveen Dominic Cosmetics Legacy:

“This is everything to me, down the cosmetics line, it’s a legacy, I want not just for my family to be proud of me, but for all black people and every girl that’s ever been bullied, every woman that’s ever been told that she cannot do it. I want to be a living proof because leadership to me is by example and I want to leave that there. So my heart and soul is all the way in it. It’s just going to keep on getting better with each collection.”

Visit NeveenDominicCosmetics.com  for more information or: 

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