The job search can be the most depressing, confusing and stressful experience ever. If anyone knows anything about being unemployed, the hustle it takes to find a job worth having and working with staffing agencies, it’s me. Every since I graduated college I have given my resume out like samples in the food court at the mall. I’ve had jobs, I’ve quit jobs and I’ve gotten fired from more jobs than anyone can imagine. I’ve worked with so many recruiters at so many agencies, I’m pretty much the Steph Curry of this thing.

Naturally you’re going to need assistance with landing the job that aligns with your with skills and education that doesn’t make you want run to the nearest bar and order a round of shots to numb the pain of spending 8 hours in an office that you hate. It’s a great idea to take your talents to a staffing agency so they can do some of the dirty work for you, because most of the time applying for jobs on an online portal is like throwing your resume into a black hole which results in getting a either getting a rejection email 6 months later or no response at all.

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There are some misconceptions about what staffing agencies are and what they do exactly. That’s what I’m here for! I wrote this to make sure you have the proper expectations out of your experience from my past experiences. Here’s everything you need to know about working with staffing agencies.

If you’re reading this and you’re a recruiter, I apologize for the amount of phone calls and emails that will flood your device after this, but everybody eats, B!

1. Harass Your Recruiter!

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I’ve had conversations with so many people who say, “I talked to a recruiter and they said they would help, but I never heard from them again.” My response is always, “Did you follow up ?” Following up is essential when trying to stand out with a recruiter. There are a bazillion people trying to get jobs, and you have to make yourself and your skills known to the recruiter so when an opportunity comes you’re the first one to get the call or email.

2. Follow Up After Your Interviews
After your recruiter has had a chance to speak with the employer, it’s always great to call them and try and receive feedback from the employers. The feedback will help you in future interviews and the recruiter will make a mental note of your interests and that you’re always looking to improve.

3. Just Because One Recruiter Doesn’t Want To Work With You, It Doesn’t Mean Every Recruiter In The Company Feels The Same

I have had recruiters in a company who have told me that they can no longer work with me for some of the most absurd reasons. I didn’t allow one recruiter to stop my search. I went on LinkedIn and searched for other recruiters in the company, called the agency set up an interview with the new recruiter. Recruiters don’t communicate about what jobs they have open that often, because each of them have their own clients. If you feel you can gain something from the agency’s resources, then go for it.

4. Keep Your LinkedIn Updated

This is pretty self-explanatory. Just do it! Everyone from employers, to friends and recruiters check this as soon as you send out an email. Have a professional picture, not a selfie, and keep it updated.

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5. There Are Different Type of Jobs Available

Temp – The job is only looking for something temporary. Usually there is a time span given to the recruiter and you decide if it fits your skills. Usually this means they aren’t looking to hire anyone full time at the moment, some employers are but they want to know your work ethic.

Temp to Hire – This is basically like dating in job form. They want to see if you can meet their requirements to know for sure if you’re the right person for the job. You may or may not make it through the full probational period before they make a decision.

Contract – Contract means you will be at the job for a continuing period, but you’re not technically an employee to the company. This is the dating equivalent to a “situationship”, you’re in it for the long haul, depending on your contract terms, but you haven’t made it official.

Full Time – You have the job! You are an employee of the company! BENEFITS, BIH!

6. You will get paid weekly

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As long as you are employed through the staffing agency, expect those coins every week. Also, ask about benefits. Most agencies offer a basic benefits package or employees to cover the during employee with their agency.

7. Once You Get The Job, Guard Ya Grill

This rightchea is gospel for multiple reasons. As I said before, going through staffing agencies is like dating in job form. Companies hire staffing agencies to do the dirty work for them, which means you are constantly under the microscope and getting tested when you don’t even realize it. Your coworkers are watching you, and you may get fired with little to no notice from the actual employer. Your supervisors will smile in your face and tell you everything is fine, and you will get a call from your recruiter the next morning informing you that the company decided to “go another route”.

You also have the luxury of informing your recruiter if you don’t feel the job is great for you. Just remember you can either dump them, get dumped, or end up having a great relationship that results in a constant cash flow.

8. Get As Much Information About Your Position As Possible

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So you get the job and you’re so excited, but you have no clue what you’re going to be doing as an employee.
ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE! Understand what the job wants from you, when they would like for you to report and what your salary will be so your recruiter can try and negotiate those terms for you. You never get what you deserve, only what you negotiate. Try your best to understand the job description and make your recruiter get all the information you need in order for you to execute your job effectively.

9. Don’t Let This Process Stress You Out

I know I just gave you a shit load of information to take into consideration, but trust me when I say that everything will work out in due time. Keep your faith. Trust your journey. Don’t waste your positive vibes in negative spaces.


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