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Thanks to Too Fly Fundraiser, April 19th- April 23rd, is now coined Too Fly Week in Dallas, TX. The week will be full of events, starting at Wingsday at Gator’s and a finale on Sunday at Reinfield’s Uptown for the Too Fly Day party. Even though it’s great to hear the records spins and see your friends in their fresh fits, there’s a purpose behind the party. 


Too Fly Fundraiser had their first event August 2016, and since then they have taken off, and provided a means for the youth too as well. Their events are meant to”cultivate a love and passion for travel among millennials”, and while connecting millennials their mission is to is to raise funds for passports for high school and college students. The fundraiser teams up with Hardly Home Initiative to provide the passports, once students apply, they wait to find out if they have been selected, and once they are a confirmed recipient a kit with a money order to the U.S.  Passports and Travel Dept. 

 We had a quick chat with Bola Ibidapo and she gave us a little more information about what to expect from the parties and their goal, here are 5 things you need to know. 

  1. Too Fly Fundraiser has been able to donate 50 passports so far.
  2. Their goal is to reach 100
  3. Why is it important for young people to travel? Bola stated it perfectly by saying, “when a young person travels, they become better citizens and better leaders. It is so important that people understand a world outside of their own, and even more so, how other people view their country and how others interact.”
  4. Too Fly tries to collaborate with groups in every city they have a event in to tap into the culture. 
  5. All funds raised are given to Hardly Home Initiative.  

Are you ready to party? Would you like to donate to the cause? Click Here to donate and purchase tickets to the events. Also, use the discount code takeflight2017 when you purchase your tickets. 




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