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2017 has seen its fair share of CRAZY and UNFORGETTABLE pop culture moments like ABC’s FIRST black Bachelorette! While some of the moments have been funny, hard to look away from or just down right sad, these moments have helped shape 2017 thus far!

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After dominating the majority of 2016, Beyonce stepped into 2017 in charge of the game like we have never seen before. The close of 2016 saw the “SORRY” singer grab 9 nominations, making her the most nominated artist of the 2017 Grammy Awards and the most nominated female in Grammy Award history. In true Beyonce fashion, just 11 days before she was set to hit the Grammy stage, the Queen Bey announced to the world that her and husband and rap mogul, Jay-Z, are expecting TWINS! Talk about a shocker! Her pregnancy post on Instagram once again solidified her reign as queen, becoming the most liked photo on Instagram of all time! Here’s to the TWO new additions to the throne!

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Hillary, I am sorry.

2017 saw our country experience a shift in the way things are run. Fortunately for you, I am not about to discuss 45.

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 Unfortunately for ALL of us, we do not yet get to experience the joy of having the first female President of the United States (thanks Scandal for allowing us to dream). While Hilary may not have gotten the pleasure of taking office, she did not give the reaction members of her opposition thought she would. She handled the rigged loss with style and grace, showing that not only can women handle their emotions but they are far more than what society still subjects them to. Thank you Hilary!


No Obamas! Don’t GO!

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With the shift of power in the country, we were forced to say goodbye to one of the most influential first families of all time. There is not much else to say besides they are icons in showing the world what Black Excellence looks like and I will forever be grateful to Barack, Michelle, Sasha, Malia and Bobo for leaving us with an impact that will get us through the next four years. I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed seeing Barack and Michelle out on vacations living their best life without us, just when we thought they couldn’t grow up anymore, a new photo of them looking fresh off the runway surfaces. We ain’t mad at ya! 

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In recent years, the Oscars have come under fire for the lack of diversity in their nominations. In 2017, they took that notion into consideration and gave us the most diverse set of nominations we have seen in recent history. More importantly, not only did they give actors of color nominations but there were a few people of color that walked away that faithful night in February with the gold hardware. Most notably, Viola Davis finally received her long overdue recognition for her work in Fences, winning the actor for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

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Mahershala Ali became the first black Muslim actor to win a golden statue for his work in the critically acclaimed film, Moonlight. The most talked about moment of the night occurred when two older actors that clearly should be wearing reading glasses announced La La Land as the Best Picture winner, when in fact Ali’s Moonlight had taken the top prize. After a false celebration and much confusion, Moonlight director Barry Jenkins and cast made their way to the stage to accept the most coveted award of the night. All in all, it was a great and WELL DESERVED night for diversity in film!

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Clearly, you have to be 25 if you wanna drink LEMONADE

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The 2017 Grammy Awards saw two of the biggest names in music pitted against each other for the first time in Grammy history. For the first time, music royalty Adele and Beyonce both had albums drop in the same Grammy year (albums released from Oct. 1, 2015, through Sept. 30, 2016, were eligible for awards). While they were not going against each other in many of the smaller categories, they were facing off for some of the biggest awards of the night including album of the year. While many thought Beyonce’s most critically acclaimed album to date would take home the top prize, she was once again beat out for the top prize. Adele took home the award for Album Of The Year but dedicated her award to Beyonce for LEMONADE and its impact.

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 Backstage after her win, Adele posed the question, “What the hell does Beyonce have to do to win Album Of The Year?” I wanna know too Adele!

The Queen of Rap?


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Beefs are a heavy part of the hip hop culture, so it was no surprise when Remy Ma took a direct shot at Nicki Minaj in her diss track Shether after she felt she had taken enough disses from Nicki Minaj. While many think Minaj’s bars on her feature for Gucci Mane’s Make Love, was what made Remy Ma finally load her gun and point it at Nicki, she details a very different story. In a sitdown with Fat Joe on The Wendy Williams Show, Remy Ma dives into how it was moves that were being made BEHIND the scenes to stop Remy Ma from making money that ultimately made her speak out. Shether went unmentioned by Minaj but she did return a portion of the shade with her Drake and Lil Wayne assisted No Frauds. Has there beef been laid to rest or is there still another chapter in the Remy/Nicki saga? Only time and a dope beat will tell.

Dave Chapelle is BACK!

It has been more than 10 years since Dave Chapelle walked away from his show The Chapelle Show and stepping away from fame almost altogether. However, towards the end of 2016, Chapelle came back into the spotlight to host SNL and to prepare the world for his official return with the roll out of not one but TWO Netflix specials. One set in Texas and the other in Los Angeles, these specials give Chapelle fans what they have been missing and waiting for all these years, his one-of-a-kind brand of humor!

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It is not very often that a movie comes out and captivates an audience. As one of the only films scoring a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut proved to be everything that Rotten Tomatoes said it would. While marketed as a traditional horror film, many can see the real horror in the film is how accurate the portrayal of race relations in America is exhibited in the film.

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 It will be interesting to see how this critically acclaimed yet controversial film will do this awards season! 


Feel like some of your favorite movies, music and television were left off the list? Keep it locked all month as I continue to review some of the biggest music releases, movies releases and new and exciting moves in television that have happened so far in 2017!  

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