Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff have quality music under their control. Where relate-ability  means relevance, the Migos do with ease what many other artist struggle, wish, and hope to achieve, and that’s stay on the minds and hearts of fans long after the song ends.

Their “fashion” infectious, “culture” spreading like an epidemic, the Migos pull up, hop out, and it’s hit after hit after hit. The Atlanta trio assassinating the airwaves released their first single “Versace” in 2013 which broke down the door gaining them their diverse plethora of fans that they have today. Who knew that Versace rhymed with so many other nouns, verbs, and adjectives? The hit went a viral, but it didn’t stop there, because Drake was channeling his mentor and label mate Lil Wayne’s 2008 era version of himself, hopping on every remix, enhancing an already hot single to inferno levels. Versace set the world on fire after a remix from the 6 God.

Maintaining a buzz in this new generation of music tends to be a tad harder because the competition is larger, attention spans from prospective fans are smaller, and rather than letting a single “cook”, everyone wants a microwave hit. But we all know just as fast as things get hot, they can cool off just as quick.

The Dons of “The Dab.”

The Migos are highlighting Hip-Hop’s experimental, fun and feel good attributes.

Hip Hop is no stranger to conjuring its own demand when it comes to dance moves and other trends, and when it comes to the Migos, it means meeting the supplier, not the middleman. Cam Newton had the world watching with his celebratory moves after great plays on the field, but it was the iconic “Dab” move that had fans feeling like they could celebrate right along with the superstar quarterback. The “Dab” made its way from the traps and trenches of ATL to NFL end-zones, to morning news anchors performing the move on television, and a congressman’s son saluting with the dab at an official swear in.


With Rhyme schemes that create a reflexive impulse to shout the next verse, the Migos are masters at marketing themselves, can anyone really say “raindrop” anymore without it being followed by a subsequent “drop top”? Bad and Boujee became as big of a viral success as their first single Versace. The Migos even have official businesses structuring their promotional tweets referencing their music.


The social media side of the Migos.

Twitter only added to the hype with the #passtheaux hashtag and phrase being synonymous with Migos tracks. Since the first Y.R.N. Migos mixtape, Y.R.N. , everyone decided the verses from the group were so flames it would set your car on fire. The memes were everywhere. The Migos have the “juice” when it comes to getting simplistic formulas to stick. They even have their own CHIPS!  Quavo recently set the social media world on fire by making a jingle to the Trio’s chips Rap Snacks, “with a dab of ranch”Get them to listen, get them to look, then make them fall in love with the fashion, happy dabbin everyone! 


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