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*Spoiler Alert* Season 3 of the Starz series Power ended on a note that left a few fans with a bad taste in their mouth. Ghost’s jaded ex, AUSA Agent Angela Valdez rushed into Truth nightclub on it’s biggest night to arrest him for the murder of her colleague and current beau Greg Knox.

Season 4 surely has the streets talking about what will happen next, and despite being in the middle of taping, two of the stars of hit show made a stop in Dallas, TX for AT&T Studio Live, a exclusive VIP meet & greet event hosted Dede McGuire of K104. The event created a open space for guests to mix and mingle, wins prizes, dance and take a photo with Naturi and Rotimi at the end. 

Dede had a sit down with the cast-mates, and we also received a Skype call from Joseph Sikora who plays Tommy on the show. The stars were very mum about what is going to happen on Season 4, but we did learn some interesting facts about them. 

Here are 4 things we learned about the cast of Power from AT&T Studio Live:

1: Naturi and Rotimi knew each other before the show. The two are both from New Jersey and grew up together, Rotimi even admitted to called Naturi before he auditioned for the roll of Dre. 

2: Joseph Sikori had to audition for the roll of Tommy 5 times before getting the roll,while Naturi and Rotimi both auditioned 4 times before they landed their parts as Tasha and Dre. 

3: Rotimi can sang, not sing, but SANG! He performed his single Lotto ft 50 cent along with a few more songs, and if you want to take a listen here’s a sample of his most recent single below. 

4: Naturi has a brother who lives in Dallas who can sing as well, but neither of their parents are musically gifted. We all remember Naturi from 3LW so we know she has amazing vocals, and she sang a amazing rendition of Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT. 

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