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Summertime is upon us, and the hot days and cool nights brings about sundress season, kickin’ it too hard with the squad, and cocktails flowing abundantly damn near every day after 5 pm.  One thing is for sure, day parties are surely number one on the list of plays for the summer.

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Most of us scramble to get our Saturday morning errands done to hop in our freshest fits, showcase our beat faces and grab a hold of the weekend before nightfall.  But why, though? Why do we love day parties so much? What is so appealing about parties  that happen while the sun is still up? Day parties provide a whole list of perks that the “club scene” could never live up to. In fact, most of us 25 and ups are completely over the club, (see website IDontDoClubs.com). We asked a few of our peers while at a recent Think Tank Meetup why day parties are the wave right now, just as a conversation piece, and there’s a variety of reasons.


Reasons Why Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of Day Parties  



Day parties can range in times, but most of them start at around 2-3pm and end anywhere from 8pm-9pm. It’s just enough time to wake up in the AM, knock out all of your adulting, and still have time to transform into the top tier baddie or dapper gentlemen that you are.  It also coincidentally falls right after brunch is over.  What’s better than downing bottomless mimosas paired with chicken and waffles and then dancing it off to a fire ass DJ set? Nothin. Nothing at all. 


Makeup/Outfit/Haircut Appreciation:

Honestly, truly. We don’t spend hours contouring, moisturizing, exfoliating, and shimming into our rompers/romphims for no one to even notice because of those trash ass club lights that only flash in your face every 45 seconds and damn near scar your retina. Day parties provide the perfect scene and lighting to strut through in your best. There’s no better feeling than walking into a party and hearing your squad yell “Yassssssssss, Bish you better”, or “I see you, bro!”  

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Perfect Lighting & Photo Ops:

While we’re talking lighting, let’s discuss how day parties the perfect rays for your selfies and social media posts. Lets not even talk about the moment when the event photographer comes around gives you “the look” to indicate that he’s about to capture a fire candid of you and the squad. It’s priceless. 

The lighting also allows you to find the perfect bae without the pure deception of darkness and club lights. There are no worries about being catfished and you can proceed in your choosing process with confidence. 


Drink Specials:

 It’s essentially an all-day Happy Hour. Drinks are constantly flowing without out having to bust your budget WYDE OPEN. Let’s not forget that getting day drunk is the best drunk. 


Aint No Hangover, Bih: 

Depending on your what level of turnt you are trying to reach, hangovers aren’t really on the list of worries. As previously stated, getting day drunk is the best drunk. Why? Because you can go home, take a nap and feel recharged before the day is over. You can take the preventative measures to avoid the hangover.*pickle juice is the key*


You Can Make It To Church On Time The Next Morning:

Go grab the word on Sunday morning, ya hear? 


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Less Likely For Altercations To Happen:

 Most day parties are full of their 25 and up crowd on best bad and bougie behavior. Best believe that when Knuck If You Buck comes on people are more focused on making sure they can spit every verse as accurately as possible versus throwing hands. 

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It’s More Of A Social Scene: 

Day parties usually aren’t as crowded, so the possibility of skin-to-skin contact is only an option if you are into that type of thing. The music isn’t too loud, but just loud enough to dance and and still socialize with your friends and make new ones without having to attempt to talk over the speakers just to have a conversation. There are jokes being cracked, the obligatory selfies are being taken, Instagram profiles are being exchanged… even a few business connects are being made. 

No Uber/Lyft  Surge: 

If you’re trying to catch a ride through an app at 2 am after the club, you better make sure all of your bills are paid and your checking account is sitting pretty. During peak times, Friday and Saturday nights from 12 am-3 am, the surge hits and your ride can easily go from the original $5 to $35 because of high demand. Your fair may go up a few dollars but you can bet that you won’t be paying almost 5x your normal fair. 

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