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Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg spent the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday in Oak Cliff, Texas as a part of his Year OF Travel challenge. According to Zuckerberg’s Facebook, he was invited out by the Oak Cliff Community Impact Associate for Commit and founder of community organization For Oak Cliff, Taylor Toynes.  Read what Mark had to say about his visit and take a look at the photos he posted on Facebook.


“The first state I’m visiting this year is Texas. I’m here in Dallas for work, but I’m also taking time to meet members of our Texas community over the next few days as part of my Year of Travel challenge.

Today I helped plant a garden with members of the Oak Cliff community in Dallas as part of their Day of Service honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Oak Cliff is a food desert, so the garden we worked on is going to be a source of fresh fruits and vegetables for the community.

As part of the service project, I met some students who go the TAG Magnet School in Oak Cliff — one of the best public high schools in the country. Every freshman at TAG is required to take computer science, and some of the students I talked to have already gotten into schools like MIT.

Thanks to Taylor Toynes for inviting me, and to all the members of the community for sharing their stories. Service events like this are a great reflection of Dr. King’s spirit and his life’s work. And thanks to all of you who participated in a Day of Service in your community.”


Photo courtesy: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook 



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