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Lythal is a Dumas, AR native but moved to Dallas, TX to pursue her career in music, and since hitting the Triple D she has launched music and visuals to get buzz around the city, as well as making a name for herself on the modeling scene.

Her latest visual is one that’s has a message and personal meaning behind it, Against My Pride shows a woman battling with an abusive relationship and the emotional roller coaster that comes along with such a union. As you watch the woman struggle between her perception of love, Lythal’s lyrics come to life as the narrator of the short story of a video. You see the rapper as she’s bonded in chains and perform through her pain and emotions on the track, all while her passion gives you a feeling reminiscent of Eve’s famous “Love Is Blind” video.

As an artist, I use music to express myself, and after going through so much, I’ve decided to use my platform to tell my story. I’ve had firsthand experience with domestic violence and survived. During the time of my abuse, I wrote Against My Pride. The myriad of positive feedback I got from the song made me realize that domestic violence is a subject that remains unspoken about, and I should join the effort to get this matter the attention it deserves.

Domestic Violence can happen to anyone. The purpose of this visual is to show the good and bad side of domestic violence in a relationship. I ask that you please help me with spread the message. Against My Pride is one of the most heartfelt and lyrical songs I have ever written. Your blog will be one of the first to have the official video, and hopefully you can see fit to add this to your site.


With the level of transparency being displayed, we had a chance to chat with Lythal about her experience with domestic violence and the song. 


What was the hardest part about deciding to release this song and video?

I released Against My Pride back in 2013. This song was different from the others. It was unexpected from me, I even shocked myself when I recorded it. It was pretty tough releasing the song at the time, I was still waist deep into the relationship that I spoke of, so I had to face my abuser after releasing it.
The hardest part about releasing the video was making sure that my point got across.I actually recorded a video for this song already, but I didn’t feel like it will hit home enough so I went back to the drawing board. I know that this situation is bigger than me and I want to use my voice as an advantage.


What do you want people to get from this?

First, I want everyone to see that domestic violence can happen to anybody. I also want to show the good and bad side of these relationships. All I did was tell parts of my story, I didn’t realize that so many have experienced these same events. The main objective is to get everyone to talk about this issue going on in most homes, it has been in the dark for too long.

What advice would you give someone who is silently going through domestic abuse right now?

My advice will be to recognize that you are worthy to be treated like royalty. There are people and programs that are willing to help you get away but you must first want to truly leave and not look back. Getting away won’t be easy, it will be like a detox, especially the first year. Once it is over, you must take responsibility for your own actions and be careful with your decisions. We cannot always blame the abuser, we have to blame ourselves for choosing the abuser. That’s how we can prevent a continuing cycle.


What do you want people who don’t know you music to know about you as an artist?

I am a working process, steadily finding myself as a person and as an artist. My goal is to tell my story and how much I’ve learned, and hope that I can make a positive impact within my fan community. I am not perfect and probably never will be, but I am always striving to be a better artist (and person) everyday.


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