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I had the opportunity to meet Sevyn Streeter at a private event about a year ago. She was such a humble and genuine soul. This interview is one I’ve had in the vault and I think anyone chasing a dream can benefit from the discussion we had. For those who still don’t know who Sevyn Streeter is, here is a brief look into who she is.

Florida-bred Sevyn Streeter is an R&B newcomer that is taking the industry by storm. Her 2013 EP entitled “Call Me Crazy …But” was the world’s introduction to a Sevyn, but she is now gearing up to release her album “On The Verge”. While on a promo run in Dallas, I caught up with Sevyn to discuss her single “Don’t Kill the Fun”, who inspires her, and how she inspires the next generation of artists.  

Jamisha Daniels: I see that you have been very active with youth while on your promo tour, what are some of things you have been telling kids that are trying to get into the industry?

Sevyn Streeter: I get this question very frequently, and I always just say to them a couple of things. You can’t be shy, don’t be shy, it’s ok. Don’t be afraid of a ‘no’ because that comes along with it and that’s just going to make you stronger and better. And I also tell them, obviously practicing, that’s an understatement. Practice as much as you possibly can and sing everywhere. You know what I mean? Whether it’s a mall, or a church, or a banquet, or a talent show, wherever you can sing, wherever there is stage then sing. That’s always my advice.

JD: Who are some of your female influencers?

Sevyn Streeter: I have so many, you know what, Alicia Keys is one.

Jamisha: Have you seen her new baby?

Sevyn: No, I haven’t, but I have to because I already know her and Swizz make some beautiful babies. I just love them .I had the pleasure of working with Alicia, I’ve written records for Alicia. Aside from even working with her, when she walks in a room, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, it’s the most genuine spirit that you will ever meet in your life. I love her to death and I love Swizz to death. Other women I look up to, I do this (Salutes) to Beyonce’, I love Beyonce’; I’ve loved her all my life it seems like. I love Janet Jackson. I love Michelle Obama. I love my mama (laughs). I could go on; there are some great women that I am influenced by. My manager, I’m managed by an incredible woman, her name is Tina Davis and she is magnificent. Brittany Davis as well, there are so many great women in my life that I am influenced by and learn from.


Jamisha: What are some of your inspirations for your upcoming album?

Sevyn: Don’t Kill the Fun is like my anthem right now, just because that’s where I am in my life. I just want to have a good time, and having a good time doesn’t mean being reckless. It means not taking your life too seriously, and not putting yourself in a box, and just doing what makes you happy. That’s just so important to me. It sets your day off in the right manner; you want to go out there and just get it and just live your life.

Jamisha: Don’t Kill the Fun has such a feel good has such a summertime vibe.

Sevyn: Everyone had such a crazy winter and everyone was like, “oh my God, I wish this was over”. It’s ok, just play Don’t Kill the Fun in your house before you step out into the cold and rain and your perfect day will start there.

Jamisha: Most people don’t know that you’re a songwriter, when do you do your best writing ?

Sevyn: I do my best writing when I am true to how I am feeling at that moment. I don’t care if I am depressed, if I’m mad as hell, if I am happy and excited, or in love, or in like, or whatever…sexually frustrated. (laughs) I don’t care, it doesn’t matter, however I feel it determines how I write. I feel like you always do your best writing when you use whatever you’re feeling, so that’s when I do my best writing.

Jamisha: What advice do you have for the writers who can’t sing?

Sevyn: Anybody who has a love for writing, If you sing that’s great turn it into a song, but if you’re not a singer and you have all these thoughts and feelings then just write them down. Poetry is still beautiful, write a poem and get it out.

Jamisha: What has been your most memorable and defining moment in your journey?

Sevyn: My most memorable and defining moment? Honestly, I said this the other day. The most amazing moment that is always going to be number one in my heart from this moment on, I shot a video in Florida on the street that I was raised on called 4th Street. All of my family was in the video and it’s for a song on my album called 4th Street. It’s hands down my favorite and most memorable moment of my career, because to see both of my world come together at one time with  the people that have been there for me through thick and thin and ups and downs, tears, fears, and everything else; I can’t even… Hand’s down that was my most memorable moment, my favorite. 

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