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The People’s Voice PR is a Dallas-based boutique public relations agency hitting their one-year anniversary, and they are using this milestone as the perfect reason to allow creatives and entrepreneurs in Dallas make their voices heard with the “Is This Mic On?” campaign.  The Mission behind the campaign is similar to the mission behind the brand,  agency’s mission is to amplify the voices of the creative behind the brand. 

IS THIS MIC ON” Campaign is to take ownership of your voice and let the world know why it is important. Often your upbringing, life experiences and environment shapes who you are, whether positive or negative, however, were encouraging you to find your truth and live in it. Finding your voice will mean something different for everyone and The People’s Voice will share their stories in a unique way.”

The “IS THIS MIC ON” Campaign will feature a visual story shared via The People’s Voice PR Agencies social media feeds. The second part of the campaign includes storytelling via The People’s Voice Blog.

The kickoff will featured live Interviews with the campaign participants, Q&As, and an the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the city’s influencers. 

We had the opportunity to speak with the founder of The People’s Voice and she gave us an exclusive tip that she will be evolving from a PR Agency to a creative agency to offer more services pasts the PR spectrum. Giving her success, we wanted to ask Laci to offer a few words to creatives and entrepreneurs who are still mapping out their ideas

What advice would you offer to entrepreneurs and creatives looking start and/or get through their first year? 

Laci McKinney: “I would say, looking to start, I know people are looking for perfection and that is the hardest part. People tend to start to procrastinate when you’re trying to make everything so perfect, so one thing I would say is just start. Start somewhere, whether you’re trying to do a blog, whether you’re trying to start a business, reach out to some individuals and get on the internet, use your resources. There’s a lot of resources out here, go to the coworking spaces, those types of things. The Dallas Entrepreneur Center is good for businesses that blossoming, they have a lot of classes. So I would tell people just to start somewhere and get out of the way of trying to be perfect. Some things I would say to do along the way is make sure you get out here and start to meet people. I have gotten so many things done just by getting out there and networking and meeting individuals. They have a lot of things around Dallas that you can learn about. I think that key, to start to go to some of these networking events. The City Influencer has networking events, The Dallas Entrepreneur Center has networking events, so does Launch DFW, Creative Minds…all of those. So I would say, be out here so people can start to know you.” 



WE COACH SOLOPRENEURS, FASHION/BEAUTYPRENEURS AND INFOPRENEURS ON HOW TO MULTIPLY THEIR MESSAGE THROUGH THEIR VOICE! The People’s Voice PR Agency is a boutique public relations agency focused on assisting small businesses with finding their voice. We assist you in multiplying your message through podcast interviews, brand campaigns, collaborations, event productions, and so much more. Our strategy is to connect your audience with the “Who” and “Why” of your business. We want the true passion for your business to shine through to build brand loyalty through relationships.


Want to connect with The People’s Voice? 

Instagram: @thepeoplesvoicepr

Facebook: The People’s Voice PR Agency

The People’s Voice Blog: http://www.thepeoplesvoicepr.com/voiceblog 

Photo Credit: JCI Creatives 



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