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I hope everyone tuned into my social media coverage when I visited Los Angeles for the 2017 BET Experience Fan Fest. I wanted to do a short article about my time in LA, show you guys some interviews, and share a funny story about what really happened behind my Snapchat story, Instagram posts, and Facebook live streams. 

For those who aren’t following me on social media just yet, here are all the details of #JamTakesLA!

If you’re not familiar with me and my work, not only am I the founder of this website, I am also a freelance journalist so this isn’t my first time attending the BET Experience. I attended back in 2014 when I was the Fashion Editor for Cosign Magazine, and I decided to give my website a try for press credentials this year even though my brand isn’t as big and well known, but I was approved despite my apprehension. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the BET Experience, it’s the series of events that happen at L.A. Live during B.E.T Awards weekend. The Fan Fest included Genius Talks from Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ava DuVernay, and more. 

I sat in while Issa Rae discussed still being an “awkward black girl” even though she achieved fame in Hollywood, she also took the time to stan over Debbie Allen, and confess that she wants to do a movie about Stevie Wonder

Ava DuVernay discusses the importance of tuning in to black shows, even if it means DVR, because the audience one of the most important pieces when creating content. 

Tracee Ellis Ross talked about the missing scene from Girlfriends, THAT STILL NEEDS TO HAPPEN(my opinion), where Joan and Toni bump into each other in first class on a plane after being estranged for years. Ross confesses that the scene gives her chills every time she thinks about it, her vision included Toni and Joan making up and forgetting why they were ever feuding. 

Check Out Some Of The Celebs from the Maxim Hot 100 Party: 


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Check out more of the content in my quick recap video below! 




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